Cass Dockrill

Experience:5 Years


Cass Dockrill

Fitness Trainer


Up until 2013, I never considered myself an athlete. When I first stepped into the gym I was not only clueless and uncomfortable, I was overwhelmed. Up until that moment I had never lifted a dumbbell, used a squat rack or felt so out of place. After walking around aimlessly, I finally worked up the courage to attempt my first exercise. From that moment on, I was hooked.

I started going to the gym because I no longer recognized the tired, stressed and unhappy girl I saw staring back at me in the mirror. I realized that turning to alcohol and a bad diet were not effective ways to let go of stress, and in return my health also started to deteriorate.  I was overweight, still stressed, and most importantly, I was unhappy and unhealthy. I knew it was time for a change.

That’s where it began for me.  And trust me – You can and will achieve results!  Your results are 100% based on the amount of work you put in. I think that is why I love weight lifting as much as I do. I see the results everyday, and every week brings more improvement. No one can do the work for you. There is no way to cheat and there is not a single corner that you can cut.  That is what makes success so rewarding.

I am eager to help others find the same passion for weight lifting that I have found. I am excited to share my knowledge with others while making it fun, comfortable, and effective.  I will work with you to develop a routine that not only fits your schedule but matches your goals.  Together we will create the ‘new you’ that you have always dreamed of.

It is not an easy road, but as they say, nothing worth having comes easy.


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