Jeff Facer

Experience:35 Years


Weight:210 lbs


Jeff Facer

Fitness Trainer


Fitness has been part of my life since High School.  I began lifting seriously when I was 25, and now, at age 63 continue my journey.  I have competed in Bodybuilding contests, Couples Bodybuilding, and extensively in Power Lifting.  I finished 2nd in the Illinois State Power Lifting Championships (many years ago) and achieved a 540 pound Bench Press at a body weight of 211.5 lbs.

I have learned over the years that lifting can be and is a great deal of fun, a way to look and feel better, and a way to manage stress.  Combined with proper nutrition you can transform your body into anything you want.

Over the years I have conducted numerous seminars on nutrition, designed different routines for different results, developed meal timing techniques, etc.  I have found that self-motivation through ‘seeing results’ is the best motivation there is.  At P365 Fitness our goal is to give you results.  We can’t do it for you, but we can certainly show you the way and provide you with the proper equipment and workout plans to achieve your goals.


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