Jeff Facer

I have trained for 35 years and visited well over 100 gyms during that time.  I can give high marks to P365 Fitness for:

  • Proximity to my house             (5 minutes)
  • Quality of equipment               (York benches, heavy duty squat cages, etc.)
  • 7/24/365 access                   This is critical to me as I frequent the gym during the very early morning hours.
  • Friendly gym patrons          While not critical, it’s really nice that everyone at P365 is so friendly
  • Gym etiquette enforced      Many gyms do not care about reckless behavior of their gym patrons.  This can lead to serious injury, and is always a distraction and nuisance.  I am glad P365 adheres to enforcement of these policies.

I would strongly recommend P365 Fitness to anyone serious about their training.