Gym Etiquette

A great article from the 11-17 issue of Men’s Health: “The 10 Simple Rules of Gym Etiquette” (Published without permission from Men’s Health.)

1. Your #1 accessory is a towel: Carry a towel and never leave a liquid silhouette of your swampy ass on the bench
2. Enough with the selfies already: 53% of those surveyed state that ‘selfies’ kill their mood. Also, others don’t like being in your ‘selfie’. Do this when you are alone in the gym.
3. Wear a clean shirt and clean shorts on a clean body.
4. Three word that have no place in gym: Who dealt it?
Look, occasionally you’ll strain during a lift and pass gas. But 50% of those surveyed really wish you’d study harder for this emissions test. If you think subtle crop dusting goes unnoticed, you are wrong.
5. Your earbuds are not a force field: When you start taking Eminem’s ‘Lose yourself’ seriously and get so tuned in that you’re tuned out, you have a problem. Pay attention to your surroundings. Be aware if someone is speaking to you. They may be inquiring about how long you will be on a particular machine.
6. Threesomes are not – and never will be – allowed: A gym rat’s fantasy: Two exercise stations at once. But that ‘threesome’ robs someone else from using that piece of equipment. Don’t be selfish with the gym equipment.
7. An ‘arrrgh!’ and a loud thud are for heart attacks only: Yes, we know you work out hard. However, the ‘animal’ mentality is not condoned by over 50% of those surveyed. Try ‘power breathing’, not screaming.
8. Squatting is an exercise, not a selfish act: Squatting is hard, we all know that. But resting for 10 minutes between sets is not a way to make friends. You have a gym membership, not a deed to the squat rack, or any other piece of equipment for that matter.
9. Exercise your body, not your spotter: A spotter is not there to rip three of five reps off your chest. Do a weight you can handle for at least 9 reps of a 10-rep set. Otherwise you won’t have anyone willing to spot you again.
10. No babies allowed in this zoo: Don’t make us call your mom! The selfish child dumps dumbbells wherever, never strips barbells, and is voted most likely to kidnap a step-up platform to the other corner of the gym. 66% of those surveyed think you suck. Put away the stuff that you use.